Recommended Reading

Candace's Recommendations

Get on Board Dear Children of the World: Antoine, Denis G, Paul, Candace,  Paul, Candace: 9780578707860: Books

"Get On Board Dear Children of the World" by Denis G Antoine

This is an explanation of the United Nation's 2030 agenda for sustainable development in an interesting way for children.

Candace's Rating: 5 stars

Marissa's Recommendation

Book Cover"The Missing Piece" by Shel Silverstein

Favorite Quote" "Oh, I'm looking for my missing piece. I'm looking for my missing piece. Hi-dee-ho, here I go, looking for my missing piece."

Marissa's Rating: 5 stars

Destiny's Recommendation

"Beezus and Ramona" by Beverly Cleary

"In the book, there are two sisters that do not get along at all! Ramona is the little sister and Beezus is the older sister. Ramona is always annoying her sister to death. Beezus, whose real name is Beatrice, but Ramona couldn't pronounce her name so gave her sister the nickname 'Beezus' and it stuck around.  My favorite part of the books is their relationship, which you'll have to read to know how it turns out in the end."

Destiny's Rating: 3 stars



"Mary, Mary" by James Patterson

"In the book 'Mary, Mary' someone goes missing; few people get killed! Police detectives and everyone looks for who the murderer is.  My favorite part was when the detectives start to investigate all of the crimes."

Destiny's Rating: 5 stars



"Who Was Dr. Seuss?" by Janet B. Pascal

"This book talks about everything there is to know about Dr. Seuss and his life. It gives a lot of true facts, information and knowledge about him. One of the main reasons why I love this book and the other "Who Was..." biography books is because they teach everyone, even kids, so much about the person or people they are talking about, such as when they were born, who their parents were, where they grew up and so much more. They're really good for kids to read."

Destiny's Rating: 5 stars

Kira's Recommendation

"The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder

"A  girl named Laura tries to survive a great long winter with the town.  My favorite part was when the first time Laura went to school."

Kira's Rating: 5 stars

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Staff Favorite Authors

Salai's Pick

Jacqueline Winspear (Author of Maisie Dobbs)

Jacqueline Winspear

“Winspear's writing… is some of the most thought-provoking, introspective fiction I have read. I have cried at several sections of her books. Winspear is absolutely one of the very best authors at making me FEEL as the characters FEEL. I feel as if any words I might use to describe Winspear's communication about societal and cultural issues and controversies to be so very lacking and insufficient. What I take away is a rich narrative experience that leaves me thinking and feeling. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys period piece mysteries; especially one with an unbelievably strong, intelligent, charismatic female lead.” --Salai

Melissa's Pick

Rudolfo Anaya (Author of Bless Me, Ultima)

Rudolfo Anaya

“Rudolfo Anaya brings the Southwest to life with deep caring for land, culture and the power of women healers.  His books are full of magic, myth, and open our hearts to appreciate and protect this ancient land and fragile environment.  Mr. Anaya also wrote children's books to keep traditions alive.”—Melissa

Cathy's Pick

Juliet Marillier Quotations (100 Quotations) | QuoteTab

Juliet Marillier

“Juliet sets her worlds in the past when magic was still a cornerstone of religion and life. Her books follow a Family and a few friends as they fight for leadership, peace, and the continuation of magic. Magic comes from the earth and sometimes the Gods. The fey and the Old Ones work at odds to subtly influence the events that place kings on thrones and change the course of Magic's history. Later books briefly shed light on how the belief in Druidic magic and the old gods is slowly replaced with Christianity.” --Cathy



Tamora Pierce (@TamoraPierce) | Twitter

Tamora Pierce

“Tamora Pierce has built an entire new world with the main country being Tortall, but some of her books take you to other countries, where lifestyle and politics are different. Her books have strong female leads faced with choices and given powers that they must master to help better their countries and the world. Magic is called "The Gift" and some have it, others do not. There is also Free magic, but it is rare and believed to be a myth by many. The Gods play a large part in the lives of all the people in her world. The pantheon has many gods, some of which do their best to mettle in Human events in order to shape the world to their liking. At certain times, they must step back and let human choices change the course of history. They can only mettle so much.”—Cathy

Rose's Pick

Steinbeck in 1939

John Steinbeck

“This description from the publisher says it all:

 ‘First published in 1939, Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning epic of the Great Depression chronicles the Dust Bowl migration of the 1930s and tells the story of one Oklahoma farm family, the Joads—driven from their homestead and forced to travel west to the promised land of California. Out of their trials and their repeated collisions against the hard realities of an America divided into Haves and Have-Nots evolves a drama that is intensely human yet majestic in its scale and moral vision, elemental yet plainspoken, tragic but ultimately stirring in its human dignity. A portrait of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless, of one man’s fierce reaction to injustice, and of one woman’s stoical strength, the novel captures the horrors of the Great Depression and probes into the very nature of equality and justice in America. At once a naturalistic epic, captivity narrative, road novel, and transcendental gospel, Steinbeck’s powerful landmark novel is perhaps the most American of American Classics.’”—Rose

Judith's Pick

Kevin J. Anderson - IMDb

Kevin J. Anderson“Something for everyone. Even though he works primarily in Science Fiction and Fantasy, his style ranges from humorous horror to graphic novels to spin-off novels of popular sagas like Star Wars, Dune and The X Files.” --Judith





Robert McCammon update – Robert McCammon

Robert R. McCammon

“(McCammon is)...very immersive and engaging. Every character feels real and you can’t help but get swept up into the riveting plot.”—Judith

Patty's Pick

A Time To' Revisit Clanton, Miss., In John Grisham's Latest | New Hampshire Public Radio

John Grisham

“His books are very captivating from page one to the last page. Reading his books makes how the law works intriguing." --Patty